Monday, May 16, 2011

Do Muslims & Christians worship the same God? a Muslim perspective...

Do Muslims and Christians worship the same god? Here are some reflections on that question by a Muslim woman, which Christians might find a bit surprising. Not only does she argue that Muslims and Christians worship the same god, she presents the Christian understanding of the Trinity in sympathetic (empathetic?) terms, and comes to the conclusion, "it is hard not to be convinced that the Quran and the Bible are consistent in their perception of the person of Jesus."

In my experience, Muslims and Christians both tend to "read" the other through their own frame of reference (i.e., ethnocentrically), and rarely "get inside" of the other's perspective, to understand it. Christians try to explain to Muslims that we do not worship three gods, but the explanation generally seems to fall on deaf ears. But this Muslim seems to definitely "get it."

Read them and see what you think.

And then, here's an interesting piece by a Christian theologian, explaining the doctrine of the Trinity to Muslims (posted by the Muslim who wrote the above articles, on her blog site):

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  1. Quran 19:19

    Jesus is 'Zakiyya'. This word means 'pure/faultless/sinless' and only describes Jesus and John in the Quran.